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A ladder is an essential tool in the work place and around the house. There are different types of ladders for big or small tasks. Alabama Ladder Co., Inc. has the right ladder to help you complete the job successfully and safely.

Choosing the Right Ladder

There are many different types of ladders on the market and our warehouse is stocked for your needs:

  • Step Ladders – Most popular type of ladder especially for homeowner tasks. Step ladders feature an A-frame that is common for indoor tasks since they don’t have as big of a height or reach as other ladder types. Estimated reach of step ladders above ground:
    • 17-foot ladder = 18-foot reach 
    • 21-foot ladder = 22-foot reach 
    • 25-foot ladder = 26-foot reach 
  • Multi-Position Ladders – Or folding ladders as they are commonly called can be manipulated in different positions. Depending on their setup they can be used as step ladder, extension ladder, scaffolding, or sawhorse. Specifically handy for multiple project use. Estimated reach of multi-position ladders above ground:
    • 17-foot ladder = 18-foot reach 
    • 21-foot ladder = 22-foot reach 
    • 25-foot ladder = 26-foot reach 
  • Extension Ladders – These ladders are adjustable to various heights and ideal for outdoor use. When purchasing extension ladders it is most important to consider your reach and height with. Estimated reach above ground:
    • 16-foot ladder = 15-foot reach 
    • 24-foot ladder = 23-foot reach 
    • 28-foot ladder = 27-foot reach 
  • Step Stools – Great for everyday household tasks! Step stools are easy to store and and available with one, two, or three steps.
  • Attic Ladders – Retractable attic ladders make storage easily accessible. Can fit ceiling heights of 7 feet to over 12 feet high.

Top Ladder Brands

What to consider when purchasing a ladder:

  • Use of Ladder – If you have a specific project in mind, we can help you choose the right ladder for it.
  • Ladder Height vs. Reach – There are certain types of ladders that may extend your reach more than others. When choosing the best ladder for you it is important to consider the height and reach for better safety and efficiency.
  • Material of Ladder – Which material your ladder is made of depends on the type of job you performing, the correct material can make your job not only safer but easier as well.
    • Aluminum – Strong and light weight ideal for housework or workplace jobs.
    • Fiberglass – A stronger flexibility than aluminum, fiberglass is designed to be used around electricity.
    • Wood – Wood ladders are less costly while remaining sturdy and reliable.

Load Capacity

Choose a load capacity of a ladder that suites your needs. Load capacity includes combined weight of individual (clothing, shoes, etc), tools, and any materials that may be on the ladder.

Purchasing Your Ladder

At Alabama Ladder Co., Inc. we want the purchase of your ladder to be seamless whether it is for individual or commercial use. Your first ladder or one of many. We keep a wide range in stock and have access to the top manufacturers to get what you need quickly.

We also want to make your ladder as efficient as possible with ladder accessories like levelers and racks. We’ve got the right tools to make your job as safe as possible. Contact us for all your ladder needs!